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What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin is a "bit" unit of information, "coin" means coin. Bitcoin (abbreviated BTC) is the first and most popular digital currency in the world that was released in 2009. Total turnover of world crypto currency market is more than $ 91,000,000,000. Bitcoin attracts the attention of professional traders and general public due to impressive volatility and rapid 800% growth during 2017.

The emission of crypto currency is performed online using the algorithm calculation program, and thanks to operation of millions PCs in all countries of the world. Crypto currency is quoted in trade as Euro, Rubles or Dollars, but it remains a decentralized currency. This means that no bank or institution controls Bitcoins. To the advantages that make Bitcoin increasingly popular are referred: decentralization, anonymity, minimum commission, system transparency, irrevocability and instant execution of transactions.

Bitcoin: growth chart

Owing to the rapid growth and high volatility of electronic currency, trading bitcoins on Forex can bring you good revenue. This is a weighty argument for the start of trading and the inclusion of this currency in your investment portfolio. Forex BCS broker provides around-the-clock trading of crypto currency with two instruments: BTC/USD and BTC/EUR. Using the broker services, it is worth to remember; that trading on Forex is associated with high risks; so before commencement of trading it is very important to understand the nature and specifics of this financial instrument.

Advantages of Bitcoin Trading (BTC)

To trade in crypto currency, traders are provided with 1:10 leverage that operates like a loan with which you can buy 10 times more Bitcoins than is available on your own funds. That means 10 times higher potential for profit, but it is also necessary to take into account that the potential risk is growing as well.

One click trading

in one click

Immediate execution of trading operations. Buy and sell Bitcoins in one click!

+486.94%Yearly modifications


Impressive volatility and rapid growth in value of crypto currencies during 2017.


Trade in any direction

Make buy or sell deals. Earn on increasing or decreasing the Bitcoin value.

Trade Bitcoin on favorable terms

  • Minimum deposit: 100 USD
  • Trading instruments: BTCUSD,BTCEUR
  • Trading platform: MetaTrader 5
  • Leverage: 1:10
  • Floating spread from 5 USD
  • Commission: 0.006 %
  • Contract size: BTC 1.0
  • Minimum contract size: 0.01Bitcoin
  • Swap: 25% per annum

How to start Bitcoin trading?

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